One Of The Top 50 Sealcoating Contractors

Great American Sealcoating was named one of the top 50 sealcoating contractors

Great American Sealcoating was named one of the top 50 sealcoating contractors for 2016 by Pavement Maintenance Magazine. We’re very proud and thankful for this designation.

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What are PAH’s and VOC’s and Why Should I Care?

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The high PAH (poly aromatic hydrocarbons) levels found in coal tar based sealer have been found to be cancer causing.

Have you ever have sealcoating done and there is an awful smell even after it’s dry? That’s napthalene, a nasty, cancer causing chemical that’s present in all coal tar sealers “evaporating” into the atmosphere. This can happen weeks and even months after application and can also cause skin rashes, eye irritation and headaches. This is to what VOC ( Volatile Organic Compounds) refers.

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Sealcoating Problems?

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What damages asphalt

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Weather conditions like freeze/thaw, direct strong sunlight, high volume traffic, forceful snow removal, heavily shaded areas and standing water and ice. More questions about sealcoating? Just give us a call (908) 271-9797. Or follow the link to learn more:

Commercial Sealcoating Before and After

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Before and After Sealcoating Transformations

Great American Sealcoating is a family owned and operated NJ business providing superior asphalt maintenance and preservation. This is one example of our amazing commercial sealcoating and line striping transformations. We can revive your parking lot, giving it life by making your lot look brand new again. Make your parking stand out from the rest of the block. Call Great American Sealcoating: (908) 271-9797.

New Jersey Line Striping Pavement Marking

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Line Striping/Pavement marking

Your parking area is the first thing your customers see as they pull into the lot. Is it worn and grey? The first impression only happens once. Improve your curb appeal with proper marking and Sherwin Williams Products.

Crack Sealing

All of our crack sealing materials contain recycled products and meet the current ASTM, FAA, NJDOT, Federal and or State specifications. Great American Sealcoating is New Jersey's commercial sealcoating expert! We manufacture & apply two types of TITAN XTREME ASPHALT SEALER.