Our Process

new jersey sealcoating

  1. We'll start, where appropriate, by trimming any grassy edges, removing the grass and dirt, allowing us to seal the edges of your driveway where deterioration usually starts...excess material will wash away with several rain storms.

  2. Next, we'll thoroughly clean your driveway using a combination of wire brushes, power brooms and power blowers. Cracks and joints will be cleaned as required.

  3. Oil spots etc., will be treated with special primers, to ensure proper adhesion of the sealer and also to rid the asphalt of substances that severely damage it.

  4. Where appropriate, heavily alligatored areas will be double sealcoated or treated with a special, very thick material to help cover and stabilize those areas where your driveway has a base failure. This is not a permanent solution, but a time buying procedure which cannot be guaranteed.

  5. Structural cracks are filled with a hot rubberized material with excess being squeegeed off, then covered with a black fine sand like material to prevent tracking. Please note that while we do the best possible hot crack filling, stress imposed on your driveway (weather, heavy equipment, etc.) may cause the cracks to reopen and/or migrate. We recommend an annual inspection and touch-up as required between full sealcoating services. There may be a nominal charge for this service.

  6. All asphalt surfaces are sealed using our proprietary formula of asphalt based sealer, that penetrates the surface and replenishes the oils necessary to keep the pavement flexible and provide proper protection against the sun's ultraviolet light, freeze, thaw, oil, gas and road salt. An MSDS sheet is available upon request.

  7. We barricade your driveway with banner tape for 24-48 hours. (Please dispose after proper drying time.)

Great American Sealcoating is committed to providing you with the highest quality service, using the highest quality products available. We staff courteous and professional people whose goal is to deliver outstanding results and ensure your satisfaction.